Sunday, November 13, 2005

Guess who? 

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Hello everyone! Jen here!

Have you recovered from the shock yet? No, not quite? Well here's some more...


I'm married (wedding pictures to come).

I'm living in Calgary.

We have an apartment of our own (more pictures to come).

I'm making bread.

I get Starbucks tea and coffee for free.

I have more free time than I've had in years, quite literally.

I'm going to blog again.

The question is, which of these is the most shocking?

See you later!

Jen (Barker) Davidson

Monday, May 23, 2005

Guess What? 

It's been awhile since i posted, i know. But i've REALLY got something worth posting about:

I'm engaged!

His name is Kenneth, he's originally from Calgary but currently from Thunder Bay. He met me at the airport last night with two dozen long-stemmed red roses. He then proceeded to take me out to a candlelit dinner in the field by the house, a three-course meal served by the entire Interpreter's House clan. He proposed between steak and dessert, and made me the happiest girl in the world.

P.S. Yes, it's the same Kenneth from before, the one that dumped me a couple of times. But it's ok, he got better. (By which i mean that he realized i was the best thing that ever happened to him and came back ;) )

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

meh.. {another way to have a title thats not} 

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

asdf. one of the best ways to have a title that's not. 

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Ok, here's another Jen update:

Yeah, basically my life's as crazy as normal. :)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

For my fans... 

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Yes, there IS a reason you're still linked to my blog.

Hmmm. Where do i start? Well, since i last posted i moved out for the first time, took my first 24-hour bus ride, got my first bouquet of flowers, went on my first date, was dumped my first time, pulled off my first 'just friends' routine, went on my first date-that-doesn't-end-in-getting-dumped, cooked my first brown rice (anti-climactic, i know), handed out my first resume (not quitting LiMiT, just looking for a part-time job)... What can i say? It's been an adventure.

And, since i know you'll all be really mad if i just leave it here... his name is Kenneth, he loves politics (conservative), he has leadership and discernment gifts, he is opinionated & domineering, and wears pink slippers. And although we're not 'official', we get along quite well, thank you very much :)

And now the awkward bit, where i realize that a) you guys are going to think he's a monster unless i get all mushy or something, and b) he's going to read this and i can't possibly let him think i think too highly of him. How to respond? Maybe next time you'll hear from him... and make your own judgments... mwahahaha.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Odds and Ends 

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I got a perm on Tuesday. Yep, that's right, a perm. Meaning that i have to learn to deal with a huge ball of fluff formerly known as my hair. After 21 years of relative innocence, i finally am required to master the various forms of hair-styling: i came back from zellers with gel, mousse, special shampoo, and deep-acting conditioner - oh the insanity! I mean, i do LIKE my new hair... i'm just not sure what to do WITH it. But, it had to come eventually... my days of 'hide it under a hoodie' seem to be over, at least for the time being.


And now, after having tried to add to this post THREE times, i quit. What you see is what you get. Maybe tomorrow i'll be able to tell you about Allista and Korandoth, or spiritual restoration, or why i no longer have the urge to blog eight times a week. Until then... keep blogging, and don't be TOO mad that i don't ;)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Bancroft Connection 

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It's a scientifically established fact: Every Christian in Canada is no more than three degrees of seperation from Bancroft. Which means that they're no more than four degrees of seperation from Peterborough. Maybe three and a half.

The first time i visited First Baptist in Thunder Bay this summer, i was invited out for lunch with a group of college students. As we all introduced ourselves, we found out that my sister and i weren't the only people there from the Burough. There was another girl there, as well. She had grown up in Peterborough, gone to school at... funny, the same private school that i did. Attended highschool at... my highschool. In fact, it turned out that she lived down the street from us. I delivered her paper when i was 14, her sister babysat us once (we had a lot of one-timers who couldn't be paid enough to come back), and my sister raked her lawn last year.

So, this weeked in Dryden, i should have expected that i would have found more connections. And did i ever! I ended up meeting the CareForce team that Erin C was on last year (i went to school with her, and to college with her sister), the leaders of the CareForce team lived in Peterborough for six weeks, her parents lived in Peterborough until this past Saturday and attended Westmount. AND, currently on the team is Caleb W's older sister. Yes, it's the Bancroft connection.

And, every year at Interpreter's House there has always been a student from Peterborough or Bancroft, sometimes both - impressive, since there's at the most 12 students each year, and they're from all over North America. Dan T (bancroft), me (peterborough), Suzanne A (bancroft), and now Star is coming to continue the grand tradition!

I am quickly developing a reputation of having a LOT of contacts. I tell you, once you're in with Bancroft, you're in.

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